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Elevate your brand's authority with Brand Foundation Box – a one-time investment of $999 for unparalleled impact and recognition in your industry.

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Brand Foundation Box

Things that Included in Brand Foundation Box

Logo Design

Our design wizards will craft a stunning, unforgettable logo that screams "I'm awesome and you should notice me!"

  • Concept Development

    Brainstorming and creating multiple logo concepts to choose from

  • Revisions

    Refining the chosen logo concept based on your feedback

  • Multiple File Formats

    Providing the final logo in various web based and print-ready formats (e.g., JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF) for different uses including source files

Brand Identity Design

Consistency is key, and we’re all about making your brand look sharp.

  • Brand Guidelines

    Creating a document outlining your brand's visual identity, including colors, fonts, and usage guidelines

  • Color Palette Development

    Defining a set of colors that represent your brand personality

  • Typography Selection

    Choosing fonts that are appropriate for your brand and target audience

  • Brand Voice & Messaging

    rafting a consistent tone and message for your brand communications

Collateral Designs

Our collateral designs are so good, you'll want to frame them and hang them in your living room.​

  • Business Cards

    Designing professional business cards with your logo and contact information

  • Flyers & Brochures

    Creating informative flyers or brochures to promote your products or services

  • Presentations

    Designing impactful presentations for meetings or pitches

  • Letterheads & Envelopes

    Creating professional letterheads and envelopes with your brand elements

Social Media Management

For one glorious month, we'll handle your social media, crafting posts that even your grandma will want to share.

  • Creating Wow Graphics for Posts

    Design eye-catching and engaging social media graphics that will grab attention and stop users from scrolling

  • Content Creation

    Regular engaging posts creation and uploading for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

  • Using high-quality visuals

    Eye-catching photos, illustrations, or infographics

  • Compelling headlines and copy

    Short, clear, and engaging text that captures the user's interest

  • Calendar Management

    Scheduling and posting your social media content on a regular basis for one whole month

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